10 Amazing Facts About Babies [infographic]

Did you know: a new baby is born every 250 milliseconds (0.25 second), but how do you see if your baby is uniquely different from the rest? We cannot show you how but let us give you our 10 shortlisted amazing facts about babies that will keep you contemplate the wondrous of newborn babies and discover this stunning facts as you unfold the beautiful life of your baby.

facts about babies

1. Newborn baby can’t cry: They can holler or scream whatever they want or need but technically, they don’t cry. It takes three weeks for a newborn baby to shed tears and released it. Nonetheless in some cases, it’s not unusual for babies to create the first tears until 4 or 5 months.

2. You can give them a mouthful of cereal foods or milk but when baby shake her/his head, it is because her/his belly is already full. This is one of first amazing action sign when your baby means “NO”.

3. Newborn Babies has more bones than adult. Babies has 300 bones while adult has only 206 bones, but baby bones join together at the growing stage and constantly change the numbers.

4. Newborn baby knows her/his Mother: Babies visual analysis would take weeks to develop in order to feel the difference between her/his mother and other adults. However, the smell and the voice of the mother can be identify from birth.

5. Hercules Babies: Every babies are much stronger than most animals and the legs are the strongest part. Oxen is one animal that has best compatible strength like baby.

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6. In Average, A newborn baby urinates every 20 minutes and then approximately every hour at 6 months from birth.

7. Smart Babies: Though infant cannot literally speak, they fully know well how to use the physical parts of their body for communication. Clapping means they are excited, they love it and they are happy. Finger pointing means, they want it, asking what is it, and see it. Hand Waving bye-bye means, goodbye! The more they use this physical communications the faster they learn verbal communication.

8. Newborn babies cannot taste salty food until it is four months old because of their kidney’s growing development, where sodium processes starts normally at 4 months after birth.

9. Babies has an average of 10,000 Taste Buds, more than the adult taste buds. They can be found in the tongue and on the back, roof, and sides of the mouth. But some of this taste buds will disappear for some time.

10. Newborn babies has no Kneecaps. However, the growing structure of cartilage will feature and resembles kneecaps. The full development of kneecaps will only start at 6 months.

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