Get Fit by Using This 60 Best Ab Workouts at Home With No Equipment [infographic]

You don’t need to hit the gym to lose that flab: try these best ab workouts at home.

With this set of workouts, you get to save on a lot of time and money.

They use little to no equipment (this list uses none),

meaning no need to buy dumbbells or resistance balls! And the time you spend packing, traveling to and from the gym can be used for something better:

actually working out!

Do these best ab workouts at home and see yourself slowly add more reps, go for longer intervals, and lose that gut. You can do these best ab workouts at home right before showering for work, or between chores.

You can even do some of them while watching your favourite show!

Just remember to sandwich your workout between proper warming up and cooling down. Having a proper diet, good hydration, and healthy habits will help you lose the flab and gain the abs as well.

And the best ab workouts at home are not just crunches and sit ups–there are around 60, in fact!

So get ready for a bit of information overload—no need to try them all out at once, but do vary your routine so that you can exercise different portions of your abs. This list shows what parts of the core are working for each kind of exercise, so be guided and make it an all-round routine.

Combine your ab routine with cardio for faster weight loss and maintenance as well.

You don’t want to lose all of that hard work, do you?

The core is one of the last parts to shed weight, so be patient and keep doing that cardio even while you’re doing your ab workout.

Remember not to slack off as well—even if it’s the holidays, or it’s winter and you won’t be showing off your stomach to the cold December air, you should make an effort to maintain your fitness regimen if you want to keep those washboard abs.

Now for the good stuff: this infographic from LoveThisPic compiles all the best ab workouts at home, as told by the experts.

Try them out today!

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