7 Most Effective Best Arm Exercises for Women [infographic]

Is there a part of your body that you love but wish would lose weight? For a lot of people, it’s the abs or thighs that are the problem area.

But what about the arms?

You’ll also need some best arm exercises for women in order to get in good shape from head to toe. And even if you’re perfectly happy with your arms and shoulders, it wouldn’t hurt to give your whole body a workout routine for health reasons.

After all, exercise isn’t only to lose weight, right?

Scientifically speaking, people’s triceps start to jiggle with age. This goes for a lot of body parts, but for some women, seeing their once-toned or “okay” arms start to sag becomes a reason for them to worry. Thankfully, exercises can help reduce the pull of gravity.

Doing these best arm exercises for women will make you feel confident enough to rock those strappy tops and tube swim suits. You can now strut your stuff and show off your shoulders and arms with even more confidence than before!

The best arm exercises for women are those that target both the biceps and the triceps.

While it’s nice to see and feel your “guns” when one flexes, it’s actually the triceps that jiggle and sag. This is why emphasis must be put on working out this area between the elbow and the back of the shoulder.

The below infographic created by FitWirr shows not only the 7 best arm exercises for women that will help you tone your biceps and triceps. You can also see how these exercises are done.

There are a lot of arm exercises, but these ones need some equipment that can only be found at a gym. That, or you’d need to invest in gym equipment.

But worry not, because there are a number of similar arm exercises that make use of only one’s body weight, or simple weights like dumbbells and kettle-bells.

You can even repurpose heavy cans or fill bottles with water or coins to function as makeshift weights. Just remember that this routine should be part of a full-body workout and proper diet. Check out the best arm exercises for women below.

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