Breast Cancer Infographic: The Most Essential Details You Need To Know

Did you know, Breakthrough Breast Cancer UK charity organization made a survey last year revealed that, 94 % of Women in the UK could not name 5 common symptoms and sign of breast cancer? Despite the large amount information made available by most UK breast cancer charities and organizations to raise awareness about breast cancer, The survey shows surprising result, 45% of British Women do not check their breast less than once a month on regular basis, 23% or close to quarter of women do not check themselves because they never thought about it, and 54% of women said because they forget.

In 2011, close to 12,000 cause of death from invasive breast cancer in the UK. Every month, breast cancer kills around 1,000 British women. Without constant self-awareness and access to the right basic information on how to start the procedure of regular breast testing and screening, this disease will continue to destroy our life, our family, our love ones and hope to fight on. Most UK breast cancer charities highly recommended that women including men should have a breast screening test.

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IntegritySearch produced this highly visualized detailed breast cancer infographic for Elanic, shows that there are 15 types of breast cancer. It also show in this infographic one of the essential details on how to examine your breast and to see if there’s any irregular changes in shapes from it’s normal look.  Take an indepth moment to look into the graphic details to help your self-awareness about breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Infographic The Essential Details

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8 Responses

  1. Sarah Auld says:

    Hi There,
    I receive my results tomorrow from a FNA and a core biopsy I had done on Friday. Good or bad, I would love this in a PDF form to hang on the toilet door at my work. Thanks so much for this awesome infographic.

    Sarah Auld

    • Admin says:

      hi Sarah, We are hoping to have the great result from your biopsy examination and wish you well in your tough times. Through publishing and sharing this very essential infographic, we are extremely grateful to have touched and raised the level of awareness if not all but for some few people like you. Since this infographic are in common license attribution, you are free to print it out and share it to your colleagues at work and also touch other souls who might also need to know this valuable information. God Bless you Sarah!

      Jay – Admin

  2. Elaine Mason says:

    I am a breast cancer survivor. I volunteer with a breast cancer non profit. I try to explain the things to look for in a visual exam. I am so impressed with the graphics contained in this graphical information. Is it possible to receive an email copy of this. Thanks in advance for anything you can provide.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Elaine, Thank you dropping a message. We will email you later the original image file. Don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter for more great infographics. Cheers! – Admin (jay)

  3. Pamela Dewey says:

    Thank you for this information!…I am a mammographer and would love to have this information to hand to my patients. This format is so easy to understand and would be helpful…do you have it in booklet form???

    • Admin says:

      Hi Pamela, Thank you for dropping us a comment here, we really appreciated it!. The image above has reduced the quality for bandwidth purposes. We will email to you later the original high quality size of this image. – admin

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