Breast Cancer Research Journal Timeline [infographic]

The first documented breast cancer cases were account over 3,500 years ago. At the time of Edwin Smith Papyrus were the earliest description of cancer in any form can be found. The first details was described from the 8 cases of breast cancer discovered in the Egyptian artifacts dated back 1600 BC. It show in the papyrus how breast cancer disease were treated through cauterized method.

In 2014, the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) released a research a journal data that taking estrogen with the combination of progestin, and hormone increases the risk of developing breast cancer. Also it proved on the study that estrogen alone, therapy of hormone replacement has no benefit in preventing colorectal or breast cancer.

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In 2010, Trastuzumab (Herceptin) was approved by US FDA, this type of drug that can be used by patients on early-stage, node-positive and HER-2-overexpressing breast cancer through in combination of adjuvant treatments. On the same year, breast cancer clinical trials shows the effectiveness of drug copied from marine sponge Eribulin mesylate (Helaven). And by the end of the year, FDA had approved Eribulin in treatment of advanced breast cancer with resistant to any form of therapy treatment.

October next month is Breast Cancer Awareness month, We will let you throwback for minutes and take a look of the most important and essential breakthroughs how breast cancer research journal have been made its history by looking this very interesting breast cancer infographic created by Achieve Clinical Research an Accel research site.

Breast Cancer Research Journal Timeline Infographic

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