Everyone Was Shocked: Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Lost to Donald Trump – Infographic

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are certain to be the two most unpopular candidates ever to warfare it out for the United States presidential election. The devastating loss of Clinton to her underestimated rival, Donald Trump, has left us all bewildered continue to dig questions how it occurred. Or we just all continue to deny the reality that Trump did indeed connected to the very conservative american voters?

It seems improbable now, however while Clinton exited her state secretariat job in January 2013, Clinton had approval ratings within the mid- to high-60s, making her one of the most famous political figures inside the US political arena. It appeared like the american people was prepared for its first woman chief, however many people did no longer care; they wanted a distinctive shape of change.

But take closely look of the popular votes,

Trump had fifty nine,535,522, interactively followed by most online media election tracker. Clinton had fifty nine,755,284 votes, that difference of 219,762 is razor-thin considering the nearly a hundred and twenty million votes counted up to now. The totals will hold to alternate as absentee votes crawl in. it’s a captivating turn of event that defined Trump’s triumphant victory.

The Electoral college map changed considerably favourable to Clinton, who was stated to have numerous paths to the triumphing threshold of 270 electoral votes. But not long enough when Trump annihilated Clinton’s close gap on popular votes. To everyone surprise, Trump made a surprising electoral wins in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. He comprehensively captured other swing states of Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.

Remember, it was Trump who 4 years past tweeted,  “The electoral university is a catastrophe for a democracy

In fact,

The recent election result gave democratic supporters some good of argument to proceed the reform of the existing electoral college systems. With the evolution of online science data algorithm, the need of a real time interactive collations of votes in most transparent and accurate presentation is a must. There is a definite good reason to grasp electoral system by popular votes than the present electoral college system. The technology now give the american voters the power to directly elect the president and the vice president.

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