50 Cool Facts About Earth That Will Blown You Away – Infographic

Majestic and still full of undiscovered mysteries. Welcome to planet Earth, inhabited by a varied species of animals and plants.

To this day, the Earth harbors a lot of interesting facts and secrets hidden within its core and crust as well as beyond it.

In fact, humans have barely scratched the surface in their journey to know more about the earth.

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It has existed for billions of years, before humans even walked the Earth. It already had a fully functioning ecosystem that succumbed to the inevitable circle life. In the past, man was only preoccupied with the land, sea and sky.

Those were their facts back then, which makes a person realise just how far the world has progressed.

However, can we truly claim to know the Earth and its facts? How much do we know about space or the sea?

The land itself from which we stand, how many undiscovered species are still out there waiting for us all. So the answer is, no. We don’t know the Earth well enough yet. But, perhaps in the distant future, we will. Giraffe has produced a stunning infographic that will give you perfect picture of the 50 coolest facts about earth.

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