Facebook for Business: You Need To See This Guide Before You Post Ad on Facebook – Infographic

We all know that – Facebook is the largest social media network in the world.

It helps people connect with friends and family, functions as a way for people to unwind with games and apps, and helps people to work and do business online. With an audience of over 1 billion monthly active users on desktop and 600 million monthly active users on mobile, it’s no surprise that small business entrepreneurs choose Facebook to talk about their product or service, and interact with their consumers.

95% of marketers have stated that of all social media sites, Facebook gives the best return on investment. Advertising on Facebook for business is also efficient and cost-effective.

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The Facebook ads guide helps the advertiser in terms of targeting the right audience, at the minimum cost of only $1 a day.

While small business owners may shy away from advertising their start-up, Facebook has made the process of advertising affordable and approachable even to small business owners. Updates on Facebook and Facebook Business Manager are explained clearly in guides both in-site and on many advertising and social media marketing sites. Many of these sites have come up with their own Facebook ads guide.

Thus, today, even the startup can take advantage of this new way to advertise.

The following infographic of Facebook ads guide created by credit firm headway capital provides a step-by-step and detailed look at the crafting of a Facebook for business ad campaign. It will illustrate the process of setting up a campaign on Facebook, from selecting the marketing objective, planning the scope and budget of the campaign, all the way to analyzing Ad Reports during and after the run of the campaign.

It will even give business owners and advertisers tips on how to create more effective ads that will stand out on the target audience’s Newsfeeds. Take a look at the following infographic and start advertising your own small business and heads up your your online marketing solution using Facebook.

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