Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines and Facts [infographic]

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  1. robmxa says:

    You say it right in your poster, EARLY DETECTION only 39% because of LOW SCREENING RATE!! Cologuard would raise that to 95%. Promote it, tell people about it.

    • Garchie Indres says:

      Hi Rob, based on our information, i think this infographic was created by American Cancer Society before the
      Experimental Colon Cancer Tests passed August this year, for that reason, Cologuard, the first stool-based colon screening test that uses DNA to detect adnormalities, was not on this infographic. Hopefully, will produce another updated infographic so we can publish it here when its available. Here is the original source of this infographic

  2. robmxa says:

    Where is any mention of Cologuard? Just approved by the FDA and available NOW!!! Non invasive test that rivals an is better than a colonoscopy in some cases and you don’t even mention it. What are you waiting for? You could be saving lives right now. What gives. Cologuard would have saved my life. I have been fighting Stage IV Colon Cancer for eight years. If Cologuard had been available I would have used it. Instead while I had a colonoscopy at 45 I did not have one at 50, missed an appointment for one at 55, didn’t get one at 60 and was DXed with Colon Cancer at 62. Cologuard being available my doctor would not have talked me out of a colonoscopy at 50 because it was risky, he would have suggested Cologuard. I would not have missed an appointment with Cologuard at 55 and I would NOT have Stage IV Colon Cancer now!!!

    • Garchie Indres says:

      Rob, we updated this article and insert the Cologuard links and information for others to look into. Thank you so much for taking up this update information to us. We hope to reach out more Colon Cancer patients to look into this new screening test.

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