Here’s The Top Great Exercise Sex Positions [infographic]

There are so many types of exercises to make your body fit but like having a good regular sex routine can give you almost the same result just as running outdoor, impact a study found that having sex 3 times a week is like running 30 miles per week, it burns the same amount of calories, so by no means, sex is way better choice because of the pleasures that relieve your body after the sexercise.

Like any other common exercises, sex produces hormones that includes Prostaglandins and Endorphins that can boost your immune system, can relieve stress, reduce the levels of pain and cholesterol. Endorphins has almost the same functional alike to morphine but some researchers believes the endorphins have twice the size of strength of morphine. The high level of endorphins can be measure the same way to exercise and sexual activity plus no side effects at result.

A healthy sexercise is very much valuable in slowing down aging process and live longer. Studies from various research institutions will encourage us to learn more about the effect of sex to our health. The American Medical Association Scientists found that dysfunctional sex is likely to have great level of emotional health issues and poor physical environment  plus negative sexual relationship experiences that affect the over all physical health. Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study that men with extreme amount of exercise of 20 -30 minutes a day where half as normal erection problems than men who are inactive, also found that men who gained weight became susceptible to erectile dysfunction.

Let’s take a look at this infographic about the top sex positions that are great and healthy exercises but take note that having sex above the required studied average is like having a heavy gym training workout that can reduce testosterone levels, its will give you less sex-appetite, it compromise your immune system and affect sexual performance… too much is no good health!

9 Sex Positions That Are Great Exercise

Sex position Infographic

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  1. Waooo
    Thats great explanation with picture. It clear the my all concepts about all the sex positions. Try to all the positions for different taste and satisfaction. By using the these sex positions your girl friend will be more interested in sex. But deep penetration we use the missionary and the wheelbarrow position.

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