So You Dumb To Spell The Word Schizophrenia And Knowing What It Means

How do you spell Schizophrenia by looking the word in just seconds? New to this word? But this word is not new in medicine.
What is Schizophrenia?  It is actually one of the famous mental illnesses that held some people to have mental breakdown and lead them to deliver at mental hospitals.
Schizophrenia is a disorder in brain or mentally that hard to distinguish if a person has it without signs of mental inconsistency in actions. It has a relation to the behaviour of the person, his/her thoughts, emotions, actions and feelings that are inappropriate when you have contact with them. These behavioural pattern will show signs through actions of one person in between reality and delusion.

In general application of antithetical elements of inconsistent mentality.

See this great infographic about Personality types of Famous Male and Female.

According to Schizophrenia infographic below created by rethink org. it shows this disorder can start as early as childhood but it can appear at any age category.  Although it is said to be not inherited, but you have a high chance to have this when you have a family member who is suffering with this disorder. It is theoretically suggest the combination of two genes with life event cycle. Mostly it occurs in urban areas where in loud sounds, noise pollution takes place.

If you find all this inconsistent behavioural pattern to any of your friend or one of your family member, it best suggest to seek urgent help from your local psychologist or health centre to make proper assessments of the person affected. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

how-do-you-spell-schizophrenia-infographic how-do-you-spell-schizophrenia


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