You Feel Stressed and Lonely? Drink This Science of Happiness [infographic]

Happiness is a Choice:

There is no human in the world that does not want to be happy.

In fact,

We are all trying to find that perfect moment of happiness. We work and strive to get that happiness we always dream of. We learn contentment and forgiveness in order to get happiness. But why do we place so much effort in the attainment of happiness? Millions of people looking for more ways how to be happy in life. We try so many things in different ways to achieve this goal in fullness of its sense.

If science were to answer on how to live a happy life:

It would say that happiness is nothing but a mix of chemicals in your body. But is it? Is that really the science of happiness? That our goal in life is nothing but to get high on hormones and chemicals?

We all know that the science of happiness is more complicated than that.

We don’t see happiness in a scientific standpoint. We see the science of happiness as a form of effect rather than a cause. We see how happiness affects our health and quality of life. We do not see the science of hormones or how this chemical mixed with that chemical makes you feel all fluttery inside. No, the science of happiness is more than a chemical reaction.

Now here’s the great education infographic from happify, to learn more about the beauty of happiness among us. Print it or Share the happiness to your friends for them also to learn how to be happy in life.

The Science of Happiness

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