The Importance of Reading To Children [infographic]

The Importance of Reading To Children infographic

At the very early months of infant age, one of the most fascinating fact we’re amazed is that a child can quickly recognized their mothers’ voice, and with that vivid wondering eyes trying to locate where it came from, they will never stop listening to the sound from sorrounding background. The next stage are the sight, which they can see various images and objects that draws them attention, and if the parents will associate this objects with words and help them to discribe and recognize with the loud sounds, they will learn the nature of Language.

Reading is Very Important to Children

From educational perspective, research shows that any parents who knows the importance of reading to children and the benefits of reading with them found to have great impact to children reading comprehension. The children gets the better oral language, higher cognitive skills, expanded vocabulary competence and able to recognize the sound of each words and letters.

Reading to children is very important because it opens to them the window of possibilities. You introduce to them the world of sounds, rhythms, words, image characters and its kinds. Reading them stories at loud dramatic voice accompanied with some acts can stimulate their imaginations, you made them open their consciousness and expand their learning and can easily understand as the story unfold. The children who are motivated to readings will eventually passionate to discover more new things, learn and understand more of the nature of life.

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So to parents who are still not aware of the importance of readings, Start to practice the bedtimes stories and you will be amaze of the great result. Take time to read story book once each day as possible on scheduled routines. Be part of the story that once in their childhood life you taught them the value and importance of reading.

Now take time to have an insight moment on this very informative infographic produced by Cleaveland Clinic Children. Open Your Child’s Mind With Books, Share it to your friends and families. (click the image to get the full resolution)

The Importance of Reading To Children infographic

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