Know This: Why Lung Cancer is More Dangerous Than Serial Killer

The infographic below could be your essential lung cancer wiki for the month of November as this is the month where the campaign and awareness about this deadly cancer is widely promoted, shared socially ironically still less funded.

You inhale, a bit of that grey poison before you breathe it out to the next poor soul in the room with you.

Smoking is bad, and everyone knows damn well about it.

We see adverts in every cigarette packs but this lung cancer wiki infographic will tell us all how smoking can lead to lung cancer and how second-hand smoke is even worse because non-smokers are not used to the toxins smokers inhale. Doctors would drone on how the benefit of smoking is not worth compromising the lungs. They tell people that smoking would lead not only to lung cancer but to other types as well.

Another note to add in is that the people who smoke aren’t the only ones who can get lung cancer, people who don’t can have it too.

In fact,

The infographic below can fairly give you enough valuable information and discover why lung cancer is too dangerous than the serial killer. November is a lung cancer awareness month and through the visual information provided by Cancer Centre you will get the chance to know more about this deadly lung cancer.

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Lung cancer is one of the most common types of non-skin cancers in America. And it’s a good thing that the advances of health technology and medicine can provide those with lung cancer a chance to fight.


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