When to Post on Social Media and The Best Time to Target Your Audience – Infographic

This may surprise people but using social media as a marketing tool can be both simple yet tedious. Social media marketing involves you catering to an audience so you want to tailor your page or blog to meet the needs of your followers or subscribers. Aside from the much expected quality of the content and the visual standards of your posts and page layouts, you need to make sure to balance and time yourself right in order to get the right amount of exposure.

This means regulating the amount of posts you post on social media site. This mean making sure you post within a certain range to make sure your audience sees you but at the same time, be not so blazingly obvious that they start to suspect you are spamming them or something. But worry not, most social media sites have a certain pattern.

When to post on social media? or what is the best time to post content?

How many posts per day are optimal?

Each and every social media site is unique but at the same time carries a bit of similarity. Let’s take a look, shall we? and start building up your real time target audience by following the great infographic the science of posting on social media created by Set Up a Blog Today.


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