The Unstoppable Trend of Infographics In Social Media

The global trend of infographics in social media is unstoppable and the photo sharing social network are taking it shape to revolutionise the image responsive viewing features from desktop to mobile sharing. Do you agree that everything in our generation now is growing faster than you’ve ever thought? Innovation through social media and Internet world for different interaction lead us to create and upgrades all our knowledge about everything. The last time that we knew how we are communicating and sharing our information with each other was a long time ago and it is now hundred times better in terms of social media.

What’s new in social media is the growing trend of infographics. New about this? Infographic for short but its real meaning is information graphics which a kind of data visualisation where in there are more visual information entities captured and being delivered in one visualised presentation. These visual entries, images or graphics that are presented from the information leads the people to catch up enable them to understand clearly of the information where intended to deliver. Infographic exercise people’s visual capacity to realize and use their brains to think of patterns and trends from the pictures that they are seeing even there are less texts and figures. Usually infographics has limited word count, and only numbers, charts and main keywords of the information are being graphically conceptualized who will talk about everything that you need to know of certain subject being presented.

The existing of infographic was already around us for several years. It was already used on creating maps of places and different certain things which we already seen and knew. But we do not know about its importance until now that it is trending. Infographics has three different parts, it consist of visual, contents and knowledge. Visual refers to the colors, pictures or graphics or even diagram. It is the main part of inforgraphics and it is where the word came from. Next is the content, which composes of statistics matter. Almost all infographics have census and numbers data, which are facts and can be delivered as news or reports. Last but not the list of the three parts is the knowledge. Let us all say that we love pictures and patterns. This is where infographics are pertaining. A compact set of visualised data is like a whole book. Meaning it is complete of details and it is a fact. This is what knowledge all about. It is also a group of facts that compressed in one data like pamphlet and it can be share in any means of social networks on prints or online.

People have 5 senses. We use these senses every time we are communicating each other. Here in social media, people can only use two important senses. It is the sense of sight and hearing. This infographic is very useful and helpful at the same time because it is aid for us. They know that the human brain can process up to 50 percent with just seeing an object or visualizing it. Yet, it tends the readers and networkers to focus on it. That’s why inforgrphic trend is increasingly cutting outs people attention because of its effectiveness and the advantages between the social media and the digital marketing.

Take a look on this infographic created by The Design Cartel and see Why you need Infographic.

Trend of Infographics

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