Math is Fun: You Gotta Learn And Think Through Math Cheats [infographic]

Math is Cool and Fun to Play with Cheat Sheets:

Math has always been a rather tasking and sometimes traumatic experience for both teachers and students which would lead to issues like low grades that can pressure a child to resort to cheating. Yes, cheating.

Is Cheating Bad?

Cheating has always had a negative connotation, but then again, so does math. No one really likes math except for the very few people who seem to have an ingrained math cheat sheets in their heads. Yes, there are people who understand math easier and do not really need something lowly as cheating to get by.

Now, I’m not telling you to cheat:

Nor am I say that people who have difficulty in math cheat. I am just saying that math is hard and people need a bit of help to get by. How? Surely, not by cheating, right? Of course, not. That’s just wrong.

But Hey!

It is not really cheating in math per se, but more along the lines of using a few tricks to help the learning process along. Introducing, some nifty ways to cheat math, that’s right these methods are technically not considered cheating so no harm done.

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Cool Math Games Run Math Cheat!

This infographic will shape your mind for liking math so much fun just playing cool math games on any applications. And if you think through math cheats, you will treat this technical methods more of advance process way to solve your math problems at school.

Math is Fun! so let’s Learn How to Cheat in Math using this Math Cheat Sheets!

Math is Fun infographic

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  1. TTMUser says:

    Tbh I learned this stuff years ago, right now I just want answers to TTM not trashy learning bs

  2. m.nkknk says:

    Could you please add some seventh grade math because i really need that

  3. Madeline says:

    could you add some seventh grade math?

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