What Does Your Handwriting Say About You [infographic]

Can anyone tell me about the concept of graphology?

Well, maybe you guys are more familiar with its definition rather than the term itself. Graphology is basically a study of other people’s handwriting or yours, and what does your handwriting say about you, it can widely tell about your personality and ability-wise during the state of your written period.

In graphology, simply call it handwriting psychology but a person’s handwriting can tell you a lot of information about them.

In fact,

There are certain handwritings that can tell us if a person has compromised health, like high blood pressure or even mental illnesses, like Alzheimer’s Disease and Schizophrenia. Interested now?


before we proceed, make sure to keep in mind that handwriting analysis is not concrete and while it is a fun activity, it is not a hundred percent accurate.

So, ready to find out what your handwriting says about you?

Grab an old but fairly recent notebook or scribble in a few sentences if you don’t have anything on hand. Handwriting analysis is a fun and interesting activity to share with friends, so make sure to tell people about it. Just don’t take it too serious.

While you ingest the information from this interesting infographic produced by StaceySD, let me take a look of my handwritings to see what does my handwriting say about me.

What Handwriting Says About You Infographic

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