What Is Infographic

What is Infographic really all about?

Info (in short for information) + graphic defined as a visual illustration of a knowledge set that is being well presented through accumulation of researched data. It is one of the most effective data presentation because of their visual elements in text or numerical kind then condenses it into a mixture of pictures and text, permitting viewers to quickly grasp the essential insights the information contains.

One piece of infographic is worth a thousand words

The Truth is: Infographics don’t seem to be a product of the net,

However the web has helped to innovate and popularise their use as a content medium process. Infographics are around for several years and recently the proliferation of variety of easy-to-use, free tools have created the creation of infographics out there to an oversized phase of the population. Social media sites like google plus, twitter and Facebook and even widely for blogging, marketing, modern resume infographics, the growing trend of infographic animation video and so many expression of individual infographics to be unfold among many folks round the world.

Modern maps, particularly route maps for transportation systems, use infographic presentation to integrate a distribution of data information, like the abstract layout of the transit network, transfer points, and native landmarks. Public transportation maps, like those for the New York Subway line and the London Tube Underground, are well-known info graphics. Public places like transit terminals sometimes have some kind of integrated “signage system” with standardised icons and conventionalised maps.

Old London Underground Train Map infographic

The 3 elements of all infographic

This are the content, data and information, designed in two different kinds of graphics through Themes and Reference. Theme graphics are enclosed altogether infographics and represent the underlying visual illustration of the information. Reference graphics are typically icons which will be accustomed purpose to bound knowledge, though they’re not perpetually found in infographics. Statistics and facts sometimes function the content for info graphics, and might be obtained from any variety of sources, together with census knowledge and news reports.

The Ancient Form of Infographic (Pictograph)

Ancient Infographic

Here: in this graphic painting found from the Tomb of Nebamun (c. 1350 BCE) women making music with the lyrics shown on figures while other naked women dancing.

Archaeologist already described the early infographic as a Clay tablet which is among the early tools to draw writing text, numeric figures with color made of charcoal and white bone. It’s also historically called Pictographs (Pictogram) during 4000 BC Syllabic script and around 2500 BC and was also used to interpret the native language of tribes.  Pictography described in some extent as a hieroglyphic form of writing script that represent graphic information of ancient cultures, writing laws and tribe languages.

In today’s digital age: Infographic is designed to receives the four elements of human senses:

The sight, The touch, The hearing, and The Smell

Did you know:

Human receive considerably additional info from vision than any of the opposite four. one-half of the human brain is devoted to visual functions, and pictures are processed quicker than text.

The brain processes photos all directly, however processes text during a linear fashion, which means it takes for much longer to get info from text.

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It’s calculable that 65% of the population are visual learners (known as critical exteroception or kinaesthetic), therefore the visual nature of info graphics caters to an oversized proportion of the population. The entire business processes sectors may be created relevant to a replacement audience through a steering style technique that leads the attention and that’s what is infographic made for.

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