Why Do We Need Childhood Cancer Awareness Month [infographic]

Cancer is the most common disease that may lead people struggle to death. It is usually falls to adult but even children can have this. That is why we need to educate every parents about childhood cancer.

Childhood Cancer awareness month is a must event in all parts of the world. They need to know that adult can acquire cancers because of the factors around them. But they also need to know that their children can suffer from this deadly disease even they are not yet born? Cancer that attacks children is the one that changes their DNA and it can happen earlier in their life. We need to be alert about this. Mothers need to have a healthy lifestyle during her pregnancy to prevent such deadly diseases like cancer. And there are also a lot of clinical processes that can able to determine the health of the baby inside a mother’s womb just by amniotic fluid testing.

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There is nothing wrong from doing many tests for our love ones. At least we are sure that they will not experience this deadly disease and they will enjoy their life to their limit. Now lets take a look of this infographic where it visualized the data about child cancer around the world. We need to make an active participation for such important event just like this because we too need to learn the facts and information about the potential risk and make an ideal changes on our children diets or eating lifestyle, make them eat only healthy food.

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Childhood Cancer Awareness

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